Grinder Pumps

Grinder Pumps are available through Ecoflow, who is the sold N.Z. distributor for the market leading grinder pump, Environment One (E/One)


E/One Grinder Pumps


Ecoflow is the sole New Zealand distributor for the Global market leading grinder pump: Environment One (E/One). E/One was formed in the 1960s and were the founders of pressurised sewer technology.  

600, 000 units, 35 countries and counting

E/One's semi-positive displacement (SPD) grinder pump was developed specifically for this application. It’s constant, predictable pump flowrate over a wide range of pressure is the foundation for proper hydraulic design. With nearly 60 years of refining, and over 600,000 units in 35 countries, the unique, larger diameter, low velocity, high torque grinder offers market-leading reliability.



E/One Simplex 2010iP – single pump

Designed for residential dwellings.

  • Standard storage flows
  • Diameter (mm): 815
  • Height (mm): 2130
  • Weight (kg): 74
  • Total Capacity (L): 718


E/One Duplex 2014iP – dual pump

Designed for commercial or industrial areas.

  • Greater storage/flows
  • Diameter (mm): 1140
  • Height (mm): 2030
  • Weight (kg): 132
  • Total Capacity (L): 1337

Custom T Tank – multiple pump systems

Designed for commercial or industrial areas.

Custom design storage/flows

Ecoflow can design a system solution that meets your storage/flow rate needs