Pump Controllers

View our Pump Controller systems which can be used to make your pressure sewer system intelligent.


E/ONe Sentry

Custom Alarm Panels for E/One Low Pressure Sewer Systems

The E/One Sentry is a line of alarm panels custom-designed for use with E/One grinder pumps. They provide basic alarm indication, but can be configured to include advanced features for maximum reliability and convenience.
The E/One Sentry Protect panel protects the E/One grinder pump station from external conditions that could cause damage and shuts down the pump/core temporarily.
The E/One Sentry Protect Plus has a diagnostic package that includes advanced warning of service needs by monitoring operating conditions, and features a Trouble Indication when conditions fall outside normal ranges.


iOta Onebox ControlleR


Monitor and control your low-pressure sewer system remotely and in real time.

With the Onebox Intelligent Sewer you can monitor the status of the sewer connection to regulate flows and remove peak volumes from the network. You can significantly reduce flows compared to gravity and uncontrolled pressure sewer systems, and also avoid exacerbating overflows downstream during storms.

OneBox Intelligent Sewer provides opportunities for significant savings in capital expenditure and allows growth without worsening capacity issues and overflows. It also enables easier maintenance of pipelines.