What is Ecoflow


Introducing Ecoflow - Sewers Made Simple

Ecoflow is New Zealand’s leading supplier of Pressure Sewer Systems, and has installed more than 12,000 units nationwide.

Ecoflow was founded in 2007 by John and Kurt, two experienced waste water engineers who sought a better way to manage sewage. The answer, they knew, lay in Pressure Sewer Systems, which were widely used in other parts of the world but were relatively rare in New Zealand.

Since that time, Ecoflow has installed more than 12,000 units in council projects, existing housing and greenfield developments nationwide. This easily makes Ecoflow New Zealand’s leading specialists in - and supplier of - Pressure Sewer Systems.

Extreme Series Pump

Extreme Series Pump

Ecoflow are sole suppliers of the E/One Sewer System from Environment One Corp, world leaders in low pressure sewer systems. This globally-proven system has over 60,000 grinder pumps operating in 42 countries.

We are the most knowledgeable and experienced Pressure Sewer supplier in New Zealand, and are committed to building strong and enduring relationships with all our clients and partners, backed by exceptional service and support.

Pressure Sewer Systems are all we do. If you want to install a Pressure Sewer System, it makes sense to choose the company with a proven track record. That choice is Ecoflow.