View our Pressure Sewer accessories to connect up your Pressure Sewer system and ensure its optimum performance.


Ecoflow is a one-stop-shop for all sewer system accessories


Boundary Kits

Provide a connection point for each individual house. These are especially useful for greenfield development as they eliminate the requirement for live tapings. Ecoflow’s boundary kits come with polyethylene stubs pre-welded and pressure-tested to 16Bar.  


Flushing Points

Provide an access point to the network for flushing or sucking if the downstream network is isolated. Ecoflow’s Flushing point is pre-assembled, and pressure tested to 16Bar.


Air Valve Kits

Typically, we try to design air valves out of the network. However, in some applications they are necessary at high points. It is critical to select an air valve that can operate at very low-pressure fluctuation. Ecoflow’s combination air release/vacuum valve pit will ensure air is expelled or drawn in where required to ensure the network operates efficiently.

Isolation Valves

Enables branches of the pressure sewer network to be isolated for maintenance or for new connections. Ecoflow holds a range of resilient seated isolation valves for varying pipe diameters.


Ecoflow recommend Polyethylene PE100 SDR11 PN16 pipe. We hold this, too.


For tank ballast, we hold 40kg bags in stock.


PN16-rated fittings for tank and boundary kit connection.