Ecoflow offer a FREE pre-delivery design service for a development’s engineer and can provide a cost estimate to identify the most appropriate, most cost-effective solution.



Ecoflow can monitor your existing pressure sewer network to give you a better idea of performance. From the data collected, we can confirm design assumptions, estimate additional capacity, assess how the network is operating in terms of self-scouring and now, with use of smart pump controllers, we can manipulate flows to achieve better efficiencies and weed out sources of infiltration.



Ecoflow exclusively use E/One pumps, which are designed to last in excess of 25 years in a corrosive wastewater environment. With more than 500,000 grinder pumps operating in 38 countries, E/One pumps have an international reputation for being reliable and robust, with minimal maintenance needed. If your pump does need a service, no matter where you are in New Zealand, Ecoflow is there to give you the support you need. Just call 0508 528 3725.



From developers, to councils, to homeowners, Ecoflow will project manage the installation of its Pressure Sewer Systems from start to finish. With Ecoflow, you get a complete hassle-free experience.