Stormwater Management


Ecoflow Announces New Stormwater Management Line

Good news for Kiwi neighbourhoods, developers and councils! Ecoflow are excited to announce we are now getting involved with Stormwater Management.  

The Damaging Effects of Climate Change and Impermeable Surfaces

Climate change has led to more frequent and more extreme storm events, with heavy downpours and flooding. Not only that, constant urban growth means more impermeable surfaces, especially in residential and municipal neighbourhoods. Hard-paved and concreted areas collect a lot of water when it rains. This creates surface water runoff. And if this isn’t controlled, surface or sewer flooding is the result. 

Introducing German-engineered Stormwater Management by Graf

We all know and have seen the benefits of E/One pressurised sewer being sealed from stormwater infiltration. Now, with our new range of stormwater management products, Ecoflow is set to tackle this environmental hazard from both ends. We are pleased to bring you game-changing stormwater products designed and engineered by world-leading German manufacturer, Graf.



Which Graf Products will you choose?

Graf Platin Tank…

Purpose: Retention/Detention
Sizes: 1500L, 3000L and 5000L
Manufactured to AS/NZS1546 specification

Features & Benefits

  • Low installation depth means a short installation time and low installation costs

  • Integrated filter technology due to tank filter packages

  • Suitable for vehicle loading (when combined with a telescopic dome shaft with cast iron lid)

  • Groundwater-stable up to the tank shoulder thanks to extremely stable design

  • Easy transport due to low weight

  • Secure investment thanks to 15-year warranty

  • The Platin tank can be extended in any way


Graf Carat Tank…

Purpose: Retention/Detention
Sizes: 2700L, 3750L, 4800L and 6500L
Manufactured to AS/NZS1546 specification

Features & Benefits

  • Highest stability and unique fitting accuracy thanks to new production processes

  • Consistent quality due to constant production monitoring

  • Suitable for vehicle loading (when combined with the telescopic cast iron cover)

  • Groundwater-stable up to the middle of the tank thanks to the extremely stable construction

  • Investment security thanks to 15-year warranty — compare it!

  • Can be expanded as often as required

  • USA Patent 7854338


GRAF EcoBloc Stormwater management System…

Purpose: Rainwater infiltration, stormwater attenuation, rainwater harvesting, trafficable to 40 tons/HS-20
Sizes: 1000L – 500,000L (500m3)
Manufactured to AS/NZS1546 specification


GRAF Herkules Infiltration tank…

Purpose: Controlled drainage of rainwater into groundwater
Size: 1000L

Features & Benefits

  • Awarded ‘product of the year’ by the German Trade Association for Plastics Processing (FKVV)

  • Cost-effective thanks to good price-performance ratio

  • Fast connection (no screws required for fitting)

  • Durable seal through solid profile sealing (lifetime of over 25 years proven in laboratory tests)

  • Can be extended as required. Volumes of several 1,000L are possible using preformed connections and connection points

  • Easy to transport due to low weight and practical size (fits through every 80 cm wide door)

  • Good value solution

  • Retention system to relieve public sewer networks


We’re really excited to bring you Graf Stormwater Management products. Don’t wait! For more information on design and pricing for your next project, contact Ecoflow today.